During unloading of petrol to an underground storage tank or refueling of a vehicle, the exchanged vapor is representing a significant volume of fuel.
It is admitted by the petrol experts, that this volume is representing 2 liters of fuel for 1,000 liters of fuel delivered (2/°°°)

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Vapor measurements conducted with our prototypes (equipped with spectrometers) have confirmed this value.

Due to the fuel cost today, the condensation of Fuel vapors represents a significant income.

This income is proportional with the amount of fuel that the petrol station is selling.

The energetic balance is positive thanks to the price difference between the electrical energy used in Optimgaz system and the price of the fuel.

In most countries, custom considers the VAT and taxes being paid when the truck is leaving from the fuel supplier.
From this stage the Fuel belongs entirely to the petrol station manager. Recovering or not the Fuel from vapor, is the choice of the petrol station manager.
When selling the recovered fuel from Vapor, the value of the recovered product is the value including taxes.